About me as a photographer

I was born in Wuppertal, Germany

1984 First photographic experiments with camera and in the photo lab

1987  Very intensive occupation with photography, also in the laboratory

1991  Work as photographer for local newspapers, Solingen

1992  Training as a portrait photographer with Burghard Schmachtenberg, Solingen

1992  First Solo exhibition, Solingen

1993  Report on the arson attack, Solingen

1993  Two weeks internship at Garvald, home for young disabled people, Scotland

1994  Work as a photographer for city magazines, Cologne

1995  Member of and participant in group exhibitions of the group"Arbeiterfotografie", Cologne

1996  Decision from now on to only photograph free of commercial constraints

2003 Exhibition of the pictures of the arson attack in the Solingen municipal theatre 

2011  Exhibition. Portraits of the members of the brotherhood, Fisheries Museum at Troisdorf

Any wishes or question, please do not hesitate to contact me.

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